Benjamin Lockwood

Assistant Professor
Business Economics and Public Policy

The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

Research Publications

Optimal Income Taxation with Present Bias
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2020, 12 (4), pp. 298-327.
[Journal webpage] [Appendix]

Regressive Sin Taxes, with an Application to the Optimal Soda Tax
with Hunt Allcott and Dmitry Taubinsky
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2019, 134 (3), pp. 1557–1626.
[Journal webpage] [NBER version with appendix]
News coverage: The Economist, Philadelphia Inquirer

Designing Better Sugary Drink Taxes
with Anna H. Grummon, Dmitry Taubinsky and Hunt Allcott
Science, 2019, 365 (6457), pp. 989-900.
[Journal webpage] [Appendix]
News coverage: AAAS, Inverse, ScienceDaily

Should We Tax Sugar-Sweetened Beverages? An Overview of Theory and Evidence
with Hunt Allcott and Dmitry Taubinsky
Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2019, 33 (3), pp. 202-227.
[Journal webpage] [NBER version]

Ramsey Strikes Back: Optimal Commodity Taxes and Redistribution in the Presence of Salience Effects
with Hunt Allcott and Dmitry Taubinsky
American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings, 2018, 108, pp. 88-92.
[Journal webpage] [NBER version with appendix]

Taxation and the Allocation of Talent
with Charles Nathanson and E. Glen Weyl
Journal of Political Economy, 2017, 125 (5), pp. 1635-1682.
[Journal webpage] [SSRN version] [Appendix]
News coverage: Vox, Marginal Revolution

Positive and Normative Judgments Implicit in U.S. Tax Policy, and the Costs of Unequal Growth and Recessions
with Matthew Weinzierl
Journal of Monetary Economics, 2016, 77, pp. 30-47.
[Journal webpage] [NBER version] [Appendix]

De Gustibus Non Est Taxandum: Heterogeneity in Preferences and Optimal Redistribution
with Matthew Weinzierl
Journal of Public Economics, 2015, 124, pp. 74-80.
[Journal webpage] [Pre-press version with appendix]

Stuck in the Middle: Impacts of Grade Configuration in Public Schools
with Jonah Rockoff
Journal of Public Economics, 2010, 94 (11-12), pp. 1051-1061.
[Journal webpage] [Pre-press version]

Working Papers

The Optimal Taxation of Lotteries: Who P(l)ays and Who Wins?
with Hunt Allcott and Dmitry Taubinsky
[Draft coming soon]

Designing, not Checking, for Policy Robustness: An Example with Optimal Taxation
with Afras Sial and Matthew Weinzierl
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Other Writing

The cigarette tax has saved millions of lives. A soda tax could too
with Hunt Allcott and Dmitry Taubinsky
Los Angeles Times (June 3, 2019)
[Link to article]

What If Socially Useful Jobs Were Taxed Less Than Other Jobs?
with Charles Nathanson and E. Glen Weyl
Harvard Business Review (October 11, 2017)
[Link to article]

Selected Work in Progress

Generalized Capital Taxation with Sufficient Statistics
with Antoine Ferey and Dmitry Taubinsky