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Updating my version of LaTeX

Yesterday I ran into a problem using some code I found for TikZ (a LaTeX graphics engine): usetikzlibrary{calc} TeXShop notified me that it could not find the relevant library, and after some digging, I realized that although I had updated

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Converting eps files to pdf

It’s often very useful to convert a .eps file to a .pdf, e.g., for inclusion in a LaTeX document. To do this (on a Mac — should work in Linux too) download the epstopdf utility, and save the resulting folder

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My LaTeX bibliography setup

I use Mendeley to organize my PDFs and export my LaTeX bibliography file (all to a single file: “library.bib” — see this post for info on referencing external files). I use the Harvard (author, year) citation style, which requires the

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Filepaths in LaTeX

To reference an external file from within a LaTeX document (such as an external .bib file — in this case “bibliography.bib”), use the following syntax on Unix-based systems (including Macs): bibliography{$HOME/dir/dir/bibliography} On Windows, use the following syntax, as described in

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Simple LaTeX table

begin{center} begin{tabular}{| l | c c c |} hline & L  & M & R \ hline U & $1, -2$ & $-2, 1$ & $0,0$ \ M & $-2, 1$ & $1, -2$ & $0,0$ \ D & $0,0$

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I am a PhD candidate in Business Economics at Harvard. I'm interested in normative economics, tax policy, and bicycle touring. The best way to contact me is via email: I'm "bblockwood" at gmail.

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